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Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions gave away the Robert Bosch Art Grant 2009 for the artists on 14th September at Jaaga, opposite KA Hockey Association on the Rhenius Road. Selvaprakash L is one of the awardees of the event. Jaaga is a noble development with Archana Prasad behind this. More at jaaga.wikidot.com/

on the move

lady behind jaaga yes its a dance compo

selva with robert bosch art grant hope on the wall


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Photo Chase 2009 is a pilot event, rather a mini photo contest organised by Bangalore Weekend Shoots (BWS). Over 75 shutterbugs participated in the event and 35 contestants submitted over 240 images for the contest. As a part of the contest, i worked on a small story line up at a busy subway in the Majestic area of Bangalore. Being an organiser, i have not submitted images for the contest and here are images only for academic purposes.


secret agents chaos

partition signs of love


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The Maiden Bangalore Fashion Week ended with a positive note to the Fashion Quotient of Bangalore. Had an opportunity to shoot 2 days of the 4 days long event.. Front.. Back.. Left.. Right… On the Ramp.. Off the Ramp.. Back stage.. Make up.. Skin.. Color.. Dress.. Designers.. Models.. Press..Cameras.. Drinks.. Smoke.. Fun.. Posh.. Monies.. page3.. Back from BFW 2009.

Few frames here.
final touch

one more feather show off

stars on the ramp on the ramp


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It was a disappointing morning for many including me this morning. Though I was back in town only at 11.40pm the previous night from madurai, I wanted to go and capture the famous solar eclipse of the century. Thanks to Aarthy, Arul and Jahnavi for waking me up with their wake up calls.

But, the denizens of the city longing to watch the century’s longest total solar eclipse were disappointed as a thick cloud cover blanketed their view this morning. Hundreds of people who had gathered at the famous botanical garden Lal Bagh armed with special glasses to view the eclipse, waited in vain for hours.

Bharatha Jnana Vijanana Samithi, an organisation working towards eliminating superstitions surrounding the eclipse, served south Indian savouries like upma, kesari baath and coffee at the venue.
family show

im prepared its waiting time

food tastes good IIA professor on live


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I managed to capture the Pride moments at Bhubaneshwar this year and it was more of revisiting the first event at Bangalore last year. People giggled after the first few shouts of “Section 377 hai hai and Section 377 bye bye”, but there was no stopping them once they tasted the success of their own lung power! It was a small but colourful and vocal group (about a 100) – from several districts in the state. The walk was preceeded by a well attended seminar in the first half of the day, and ended with street theatre in a busy market place. What’s particularly encouraging was the participation by students and supporters right in the first walk.

Enjoy the pics.
same sex same rights

Rainbow Pride Walk talk non stop

Rainbow Pride Walk pride walk


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Oriya marriage is one of the integral parts of the Oriya culture originating in the state of Orissa. The wedding ceremony and rituals are very similar to those of the Hindu marriage ceremony but are definitely different in many aspects. Their culture of simple living is very much reflected in their marriage rituals. However, the interesting fact about an Oriya wedding remains in the fact that the mother of the groom does not take part in the ceremony. The Oriya Brahmins have their weddings only in the daytime, preferably mornings, while the non-Brahmin weddings are in the evening or night.

the wedding

fun the day before the groom

life is beatiful happy moments

::a pier::

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Thalankuppam is a small fishing hamlet, at the extreme north of Madras city. A river – called variously the Kourtaliayaar, Mogathwaram, Thalankuppam – meets the sea here, at Thalankuppam. A wide, sandy beach, broken piers, fishing boats, and more make for a great way to spend the evening.

Thalankuppam, otherwise just a small dot in the map of Madras, has one little thing going for it. Fresh fish. Locals and people from far flock to the daily and weekly fish market here. Fish here is sold in big lots, and buyers bid for it.

Apparently, the British Raj too bought its fish from here. They would board their ships at the Fort St. George, sail north for 17 kilometres, and buy their lord’s favourite here, 200 years ago. (Text Courtesy – Ravages)

jumping for me

a sea.. a pier and a photographer a bird... a sea and a pier

i think... i can fly... man vs wild


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an old weaver

spinning - the way of life spinning - the colorful way of life

lifelines hanging nails


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vyjyanthi in action


mantap prabhakar in action Jugalbandi1 Jugalbandi4


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we are handicapped too

this will happen one day soon one leader

why am i worrying spread the word