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an old weaver

spinning - the way of life spinning - the colorful way of life

lifelines hanging nails



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vyjyanthi in action


mantap prabhakar in action Jugalbandi1 Jugalbandi4


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we are handicapped too

this will happen one day soon one leader

why am i worrying spread the word


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Today.. to the Bday Babe…
i wish i have wings

photographer enigma... spooky...

budham saranam kachami 1000m above msl


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thaaye yashodha the temple on the stage
i me the rajkumari relaxed


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From the exhibits on the heritage day, 18th April 2009.

peevee_begur peevee_mews_shivajinagar

peevee_renuka_theatre fortwalls


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its a painting


folk on the move folk